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"This was such a stressful time for me. Had it not been for GoodDeeds, a trusted partner, there is no way that I could have accomplished everything, from selling my home to finding a new one — especially while under the pressure of taking on a new job!! I am forever grateful, and will continue to rely on GoodDeeds with many projects in the future."

– Client

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Urgent Relocation

GoodDeeds received a call from a high-level professional living in Massachusetts, who had just accepted a position in New York City that required her to be there in one week. Immediately, GoodDeeds developed a comprehensive plan to help the client, and her daughter, move their entire lives to another state.

Throughout the weeks that followed, GoodDeeds oversaw virtually every facet of the relocation. To begin, GoodDeeds secured a skilled broker to sell the home in Massachusetts, while simultaneously researching a new residence for the client in New York. Upon the swift sale of the home, GoodDeeds managed all aspects of the move that entailed sorting items, selling items, delivering some to charities, placing some in storage, and working with a moving company to ship the remaining articles on to New York. During this phase, GoodDeeds inventoried all items, and obtained appraisals for the higher end pieces.

In New York, in addition to finding an adept real estate broker and viewing potential homes, GoodDeeds conducted extensive research to assist the client in locating a fitting country club and dating service, and services for her dog including a reputable veterinarian, a walker, a groomer, and a trustworthy boarding facility.

GoodDeeds also assisted with other ‘side’ projects related to the move, such as having the client’s two cars serviced, and helping with the sale of them. A member of GoodDeeds’ staff also conducted a tax analysis, providing recommendations surrounding expenses incurred throughout the move and relocation process.

Upon the completion of the client’s move, she asked GoodDeeds to plan a trip to Telluride and Aspen for she and her daughter. After extensive research, GoodDeeds presented the client with a travel notebook complete with details from dinner reservations to reserved tennis times.

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