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GoodDeeds' Story
Our Team

Our Mission

To help people simplify and improve their quality of life by providing the most reliable life management services.

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Who We Are  

GoodDeeds LLC helps people by providing “life management services” to assist them with diverse projects, such as…

Reorganizing a closet.

Planning an exotic trip or event.

Researching school systems.

Assisting with holiday shopping and decorating.

Unlike “errand” companies, GoodDeeds partners with people and organizations who have projects that require a higher, more personal and specialized level of service, by a compassionate and a trusted resource…an extension of themselves.

GoodDeeds is a smart choice for competent individuals who want a healthy balance in life, saving them time and money by securing one resource to oversee projects that often require multiple tasks and managing multiple vendors. In addition to customized services, GoodDeeds’ offerings include:

Home Project Management Organizational Services Personal Shopping Services
Event Planning Travel Planning Specialized Research Services

Based in Newton, Massachusetts, GoodDeeds is comprised of an extraordinary group of professionals whose versatility and deep expertise provide a rare combination that delivers personal, immeasurable value to its clients. The firm is led by Jennifer Conley, a former Sales Operations Executive, who applies her diverse expertise to offer unique services. Our client stories describe the distinctive projects that GoodDeeds has assisted with, and how they have impacted people’s lives, and how our knowledgeable staff can assist you.

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