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"I truly cannot convey the happiness I feel. You have changed my life with literally just 20 hours of help. My husband was amazed and now thinks I'm 'chic'. And, the best affirmation was from my seven year old son who said 'Mommy, you look so pretty'!"

– Client

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Makeover & Shopping

A busy, professional mom came to GoodDeeds feeling like she needed some assistance, “I feel like I look out-of-date…but I don’t what to do. I don’t know where to go for a new hairstyle, and I hate shopping…I don’t know where to begin!”

Within a couple of weeks, GoodDeeds did a thorough assessment of the client’s closet, sorting shoes, clothes and accessories for trash, charity, tailoring and items to keep. After taking her shopping to a few ‘hand-selected’ stores that suited her style, and arming her with strategies and techniques on how to enhance and supplement her wardrobe, the client went home with an assortment of clothing and accessories that offered freshness and excitement to her closet.

During that time, GoodDeeds also got her to a salon that was right for her, where she received a great new cut and color that fit her personality and lifestyle. Next, a consultation with one of the city’s best makeup artists provided her with some fantastic makeup tips that were simple but delivered dramatic results!

GoodDeeds developed a process that enables the client to shop efficiently and effectively on her own, and created a library of note cards that outlines numerous ways to coordinate her apparel, accessories and footwear. Seasonally, GoodDeeds spends a few hours with her to help supplement her wardrobe and provide ideas to keep her looking and feeling hip.

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