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“I was truly blown away. I no longer have to face the mess and unruly paperwork and wiring that was piled on my desk. Not only is it far more pleasing to the eye (especially my beautiful desk), more importantly I’ve become far more efficient and effective with my work. And, I actually enjoy being in there now!”

– Client

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Who We Are  

Home Office Reorganization

Unable to contend any longer with what had become nothing short of an office obstacle course, this client came to GoodDeeds looking for help to organize his home office.

After learning more about his work, what he needed, what he wanted and didn’t want, GoodDeeds devised a system — not a short-term “quick fix” — but a system that virtually maintains itself. Once items of no use were tossed, GoodDeeds formulated unique filing methods that enabled the client not only to find things, but also allowed him to keep track of tasks, meet deadlines and discard documents on a rolling basis.

Having addressed the ‘internal’ workings of his office, it was time to consider the exterior, aesthetic aspects. First order of business was to find something to do about the ‘spaghetti’ (numerous wires from the computer, printer, telephone, lamp, etc.) that was not only dangerous, but was hiding a beautiful wooden desk. Knowing that a typical plastic wire tube or grommet would not do the desk, or the office justice, GoodDeeds consulted with a woodworking design shop. Working closely for just a couple weeks, GoodDeeds and the custom builder created a beautiful wooden ‘extension’ of the desk to house the unsightly wiring, while maintaining the visual integrity of the desk and room.

See the old and new office for yourself.

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